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作为一个有执照的经纪人团队, LBMC就业伙伴 offers top-to-bottom employee benefits brokering services. 通过明升体育app下载全方位服务经纪选择, we can provide companies with access to the most competitive benefits package rates available. 明升体育app下载团队减轻了利益选择的负担, 招生, 教育, 合规, 和管理, 让你专注于经营你的生意.

另外, our full-service approach to your employees’ well-being includes facilitating the navigation, 管理, 发展, 实施量身定制的健康计划. 甚至更好的, our payroll clients who also receive benefits brokering enjoy seamless integration between payroll and benefits activity.


拥有100多人的团队, we were looking for a regional firm with HRO services that had a stable staffing structure we could build long-lasting relationships with, 我们在LBMC就业合作伙伴那里发现了这一点. We utilize their HRO services for timekeeping, payroll and benefit broker services. We also implemented UKG Ready to make hiring and onboarding team members more efficient.
LBMC就业伙伴 takes care of shopping for health insurance and workers’ comp for our practice. We have a small group, so we have no marketing power with insurance companies. We were able to get a much better health insurance plan through LBMC就业伙伴, 我们决定与他们合作的主要原因是什么.
出去买我们自己的医疗保险几乎是不可能的. That was one of the big things that benefited us with LBMC EP — we were included in their larger pool of employees to get on their insurance plan.
在了解了LBMC就业合作伙伴可以为我们做的一切之后, we realized that having our employee benefits managed by our HR and payroll service provider made a lot of sense and the pricing was competitive. LBMC EP简化了新员工入职流程, 改进了明升体育app下载考勤卡和带薪休假收集, 并提供了一种改进的存储工资单记录的方法. 对我来说, the most important of our partnership is that I can call any of our LBMC EP professionals directly and get trusted and timely advice and direction.

LBMC EP的福利经纪服务包括:

  •  合同变量的协商 & 利率
    • 对所提出的所有计划进行合同审查
    • 与当前和建议的集团产品的比率比较
    • Identify key components affecting rate increase/compare to market and current plans
    • 审查利用率数据
  • 核对所有福利供应商的账单
    • 协助集团产品对账
    • 提供核对报表
    • 解决影响注册和/或保费收取的问题
  • 所有福利计划的管理和沟通
  • 为所有合资格参加者提供雇员福利倡导服务
  • 眼镜蛇管理
  • 有限的访问员工导航,明升体育app下载在线注册工具

当涉及到员工福利中介, are you ready to say goodbye to multi-vendor relationships and hello to an efficient, cost-effective approach to running your business and securing competitive benefits package rates for your employees?


Offering great benefits can give an employer a competitive edge over other companies seeking to 吸引顶尖人才. 但是,在着陆之前 完善的福利待遇在美国,企业首先必须找到合适的员工福利中介.

好处 are likely to be one of a company’s largest expenses aside from payroll and finding the right representative to manage that money is no small task.

Here are some tips for choosing the best employee benefits broker for your business:

  1. 早点出发. The best time to start the hiring process for a new employee benefits broker is right after renewal, when all the challenges from negotiating last year’s benefits package are still fresh. 至少, companies should start the search for their employee benefits broker six months ahead of open 招生.
  2. 建立一个庞大的候选人库. 员工福利经纪人不缺, 公司不应该限制自己在搜索领域的选择. 通过与几个不同的经纪人交谈, employers can learn more about what services are out there and what may benefit their company.
  3. 征求建议. It’s easy to find a list of brokers using the Society for 人力资源 Management (SHRM), 但最好是向周围的人征求建议. 其他企业主, 人力资源经理, or board members are a good place to start when looking for a great recommendation.
  4. 在问卷上要深思熟虑. 如果你的公司选择通过RFP或问卷调查过程, 选择适合公司具体需求的问题. 除了询问福利本身, 公司应该向经纪人询问他们的客户服务, 费用, 以及其他服务.
  5. 每个公司都不一样. 位置很重要. If you are a Tennessee-based company, you should have a Tennessee-based employee benefits broker. 其他考虑因素还包括公司规模和增长潜力.


  1. The broker should communicate and educate the client on their benefit offerings, 以及协助会员的注册过程.
  2. The broker should act as a liaison for Wellness and Risk Management activities, 以及与适用的供应商建立关系.
  3. The broker should provide Advocacy 服务 that assist all benefit-eligible and benefit-enrolled members with explanations of benefits, E的解释.O.B.’s, 为会员提供理赔方面的支持, 提供处方协助, 并提供计划条款和供应商援助.
  4. 经纪人应该提供COBRA和125计划管理, including COBRA notices and reconciliation of premiums received (at a separate fee).
  5. The broker should assist in reconciliation of billing statements from all benefit providers.
  6. 经纪人应进行市场营销,审查,分析,并提出更新计划.
  7. The broker should be knowledgeable and work with vendors to help ensure 合规 with PPACA.
  8. 保险公司应该提供在线福利登记工具.


作为一个全方位服务的经纪人, LBMC就业伙伴 can provide companies with access to the most competitive benefits package rates available. 明升体育app下载全方位服务方式承担了福利选择的负担, 招生, 教育, 合规 和管理 from our clients allowing them to focus on their business.

In case you weren’t aware of the full palette of services available from LBMC就业伙伴, 下面是明升体育app下载经纪服务明细,让你看得更清楚一些.

  • Shop and quote medical, dental, vision, LTD, STD, Life, various supplemental and voluntary products
  • 与主要保险公司的持续合作关系
  • 客户计划产品和招生教育
  • 在线报名平台,不额外收费


  • 提供设计策略以帮助实现覆盖范围和财务目标
  • ACA合规
  • 协调其他福利,包括HSA, FSA和HRA账户


  • 客户将有一个专门的客户经理
  • 客户与利益承保人之间的联络
  • 日常维护和后台管理
  • 所有保险的每月保费发票对账
  • 不额外收费的参与人辩护和索赔援助
  • COBRA administration, including the collection of payments at no additional cost
  • 表格5500准备
  • 计划文件准备

也使用LBMC EP的客户端 就业服务 将享受工资和福利活动之间的无缝集成.


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